MusikMakers Maestro

Maestro is a music program for children aged 4 to 7 years. The emphasis in this program is on the continued development of musical ideas and concepts. These ideas and concepts are developed through singing, playing simple songs on tuned percussion, playing untuned percussion, listening to stories and participating in musical games. Another key feature of this program is making simple musical instruments, allowing children to learn about the production of sound.

What will your child do in a MusikMakers Maestro class?
Through song, movement, chime bar activities, dance, drama, games and use of tuned and untuned percussion your child will develop a real understanding of musical concepts such as Melody, Pitch, Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Composition and Transposition.

Children will be introduced to some of the worlds’ great composers and their music and will be encouraged to make and play their own simple compositions. Emphasis is also placed on ensemble work and the creation and performance of simple patterns to accompany a song or story.

Using materials provided, children make, decorate and play their own simple instruments as they are introduced to the groups of instruments in an orchestra.

As most children of this age are not developmentally ready to learn music notation, pictorial and graphic notation is used to help them develop a sense of high and low, left to right eye orientation and to see the melodic shape of short songs. Children are introduced to pre notation, which is where most early instrumental tutor books begin.

Home Activities
The concepts introduced in class are reinforced in the weekly home activities. The home activities provide a simple way of revising musical concepts and encourage the continuation of music making at home with parents. Playing songs on the chime bars are part of the home activities in the Maestro program as well as making simple musical instruments. The Home Activities Pack covers material needed for 2 Terms (18 weeks). The Pack includes:

  • A strong vinyl bag for transport of your child’s materials to and from classes.
  • CD of songs and music used in the program.
  • High quality chime bars for creating and playing simple songs and patterns.
  • Weekly worksheets for each child to engage in at home.
  • Children’s work folder for storing weekly worksheets.
  • A weekly Parents Card explaining concepts and activities undertaken in class and how to complete the home activity.
  • Materials for the creation of simple instruments.


Children’s Group Music Classes run on Monday and Wednesday mornings during school terms.

All enquiries welcome. or 0425 284 107