MusikMakers Adventurer

Adventurer is a music program for young children aged 18 months to 3 years. The program exposes children to musical experiences, develops their understanding of musical concepts and builds a love and appreciation of all things musical.

What will your child do in a MusikMakers Adventurer class?
Your child, accompanied by a parent/carer, will develop confidence through participation in a variety of movement activities, simple songs, finger plays and lap bounces. The child will also be exposed to different untuned percussion instruments, listen to simple stories and take part in listening activities and relaxation.
The musical ideas and concepts are developed through imitation, experimentation and repetition as the children listen, watch, move, act, use their voices, and produce sounds on musical instruments.

The musical concepts emphasised in this program are:

  • Loud and Soft
  • Fast and Slow
  • High and Low
  • Beat
  • Going Up and Coming Down (ascending and descending melodies)

Home Activities
The concepts introduced in class are reinforced in the weekly craft activity, to be completed at home by the parent and child and then brought along to the class the following week. The home activities provide a simple way of revising musical concepts, developing hand/eye co-ordination and encouraging language development and enthusiasm for music. The home activities pack covers material needed for 1 Term (9 weeks) and includes:

  • A story book or books
  • CD of songs, rhymes and music used in the program
  • Weekly home activities and craft consumables


Children’s Group Music Classes run on Monday and Wednesday mornings during school terms.

All enquiries welcome. or 0425 284 107