MusikMakers Explorer

Explorer is a music program for young children aged 3-4 years. The emphasis of the Explorer Program is on the development of musical awareness, listening and language skills through singing, moving, dancing and playing untuned percussion.

What will your child do in a MusikMakers Explorer class?
Lessons activities include singing simple songs, movement activities, dancing, drama, listening to and acting out stories, accompanying the stories with sound, listening activities, vocal responses and playing untuned percussion.  Children find the lessons lots of fun and full of energy and sounds.  

They develop confidence, self-esteem, listening and language skills as well as building a real understanding of musical concepts such as:

  • Loud and Soft
  • Fast and Slow
  • High and Low
  • Beat
  • Going Up and Going Down (ascending and descending melodies)
  • Smooth and Bouncy

Home Activities
The concepts introduced in class are reinforced in the weekly home activities. The home activities provide a simple way of revising musical concepts and encourage the continuation of music making at home with parents. The home activities pack covers material needed for 2 Terms (18 weeks) and includes:

  • A strong vinyl bag for your child’s class materials
  • CD of songs and music used in the program
  • Weekly worksheets/activities to engage in at home
  • A weekly Parents Card explaining concepts and activities undertaken in class and how to complete the home activity.


Children’s Group Music Classes run on Monday and Wednesday mornings during school terms.

All enquiries welcome. or 0425 284 107